About Us

About Sion Construction LLC

Sion Construction is a full-service registered builder that provides high-quality building services that meet and exceed the needs of our clients.


For over twenty years, our staff has been operating in VA in the state of Maryland. We have collaborated on various difficult projects, including home lifting and renovations, new home construction, and exterior work. We have handled all types of construction projects and have demonstrated the ability to find solutions to any challenge.

Our Vision


Experience Quality, Value, and Professionalism at Fair Price.

We shall work closely with our clients and consultants to find solutions that meet their requirements and exceed expectations while staying within our clients’ budgets and even helping them make savings where possible.


The first step to a remarkable experience is communication.

We believe in good communication with the homeowners. We shall keep open communication with our clients, informing them of every decision of every step.


We shall address all challenges posed by the projects entrusted to us and apply the best knowledge, skill, and integrity in all aspects of performance.

The Sion Way


We build with our clients, not from our clients.


With more than 20 years of experience, we have discovered and employed a wide range of methods for engaging clients and contractors, enabling us to be flexible with non-traditional methods to realize the best value for any project.

To best meet the needs of each unique project, client, and design stage, Sion Construction LLC adopts a flexible approach to client engagement.

We are always happy to listen and talk about how we can help make your project a reality and, through our experience, add value to the process, whether through fee-based management arrangements, negotiated approaches to enable early engagement or a flexible hybrid of more traditional forms.

How We Work


Our estimators and technicians create a detailed estimate based on unique client needs and the project’s scope. We provide an amount based on current market rates to assist our clients and team create a budget. After our client approves the budget, we move on to the planning and design stage. We stay within the budget throughout the construction process while keeping the client updated on any changes.

Planning and Design

Without sacrificing quality, we complete every project within the constraints of our clients’ budgets and schedules. We also try to stay current with the newest digital tools and applications.


After the design phase, the actual building begins, where the designs are translated into a functioning product. Our objective, once construction gets underway, once construction gets underway is to deliver projects that are secure, excellent, and well-executed. We employ security techniques and supplies.

Follow Up

With us, the relationship with our clients does not end at project completion. We are happy to receive feedback from our clients to see how they are enjoying their new space and whether there is anything to be done to improve the experience.

Your Satisfaction Is Our Top Priority

Top Quality Free Estimate

Please provide a description of the work you are interested in getting done and attach photos of all the areas where work will be performed.


We will review your message and give you a call to discuss the estimate as soon as possible.





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